Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why You Need A Golf Cart Cover for your Low Speed Vehicle

Why You Need A Golf Cart Cover

Many golfers that have gotten serious enough about playing to invest in a golf cart have discover that the cart was just the beginning of their purchase. There are many things that you can do to accessorize your cart to get the best out of it, but if you do not have a golf cart cover to protect it from the weather, all of the other accessories will not matter that much. There are a few things that you will run across while you are out golfing with your friends, and your golf cart will experience many of those same things, especially when it comes to weather. Golf cart covers will give the protection you need to get the most out of your cart for many years.

While out playing golf, you can experience the blazing heat of the sun beating down on you, making you feel like giving up on golf. Extended exposure to the sun could make things fade very quickly and therefore bring an unattractive look to your golf cart. Manufacturers make covers for golf carts that will protect them from this happening. Fitted covers easily go over the top of the cart and still allow you to stay cool while you are driving. You want to look into golf cart seat covers that do more than just protect your seats from fading, but will also keep them cool on a hot day and keep you from sticking to them.

Occasionally you will get stuck out in the rain and will need to protect your cart from the water getting to it. You can find a golf cart rain cover that will fit on the top of your cart and protect it from every side. This is also helpful to have if you are a long way out from the club house and need to stay dry on the ride back. A cart cover can become one of the greatest investments you can make if you have your golf cart outside frequently.

Golf carts can be very expensive, so you want to take every measure you can to protect the one you have. Don’t find yourself dishing out a lot of money all the time for repairs to seats, carpet, or paint. Do yourself and your golf cart a favor. Just keep your Cart Covered.


How To Wire A Radio To Your EZ-Go Golf Cart EZGO

How To Wire A Radio To EZGO Golf Cart


Simply hooking the radio power to two batteries on your EZGO Golf Cart is not the best way to go.

Your EZ-GO cart will need a converter from 48 or 36-volt to 12-volt for the radio. That way it draws power off of all the batteries equally or eventually your golf cart will not run correctly since one or two batteries will be dead. None of your golf carts batteries will charge properly until those batteries are individually charged to match the others.

Another way to go is to add an extra 12volt Deep-Cycle Marine Battery ( my personal favorite way.). Most carts have room to add one on the driver’s side and you can wire your radio and also lights to it and it will save your cart’s batteries. Just hook your extra battery up for charge when you plug in your cart overnight.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why buy a used golf cart?

The question most people will ask themselves is why purchase a used golf cart instead of a brand new golf cart and of course where to buy one from?

LSV Carts has been buying used golf carts for over 6 years and we would like to inform you on the advantages of buying used over new.

What you should look for when buying a used golf cart:

- Batteries are a the number one component when buying a golf cart specially when the cart is used. Buying a used golf cart with old batteries is like playing a guessing game on whether or not the previous owner took care of the batteries. When purchasing a cart from LSV Carts, you will be assured we have done tests to check the condition of each and every one of the batteries. One bad battery can make the whole lot go bad so we test all of the batteries individually to make sure each and every one of them is in perfect working condition. If you are looking for batteries we stock a large selection of New and Used batteries for your convenience.

- The second most important aspect of buying a used cart is the serial number, that is to assure the person selling the golf cart is honest about the year and make of the golf cart as well as the history of the cart. If for some reason there is not a legitimate serial number then you can assume the cart has been either stolen, found at the bottom of the creek, or seller is falsely representing the cart year. All of this is very important especially down the road when you will look to trade or sell your golf cart. (search our blog on how to find the VIN and Year of the cart)

- Pay less now, PAY MORE LATER. This is why we highly recommend buying a used golf cart from an established "authorized golf cart dealer." Golf Cart manufacturer's demand highly of their dealers and for this reason we can repair and service any golf cart make. If a golf cart seems too cheap, then it probably has a history behind it and that can cost you down the road. At LSV Carts we provide you with the best golf cart for the lowest price and best quality.

- Same as a new car, a new golf cart depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot so make sure you purchase the one you love. This is why we suggest purchasing a used cart. Its good for the planet as well as your wallet. Our carts are priced with a very slim profit margin which allows the customer to resale their used cart purchase for close to what they initially paid for it. In most cases, you can purchase a two- year old used golf cart for half the cost of a new one and in a lot of cases even cheaper.

- We, at LSV Carts purchase most of our fleets from golf courses in western states. This assures us the carts have not been abused by weather. We also purchase carts from private courses that take pride in the appearance and functionality of their golf carts. This routine maintenance assures we are buying a product that has been cared after, unlike many dealers who purchase carts for price and not reliability. Make sure you inspect the frame of the cart to ensure that it is free of rust and that its is not bent and therefore a danger.

- For any questions please contact us at:
(949) 689-7859

LSV Carts Costa Mesa

Hello to all of you that follow our blog, we wanted to show everybody what we have been working on and show everybody the quality of the work performed by LSV Carts in Costa Mesa, CA. Up next we have included a compilation of our golf cart videos from YouTube. Thank you and hope you enjoy them.

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For any questions about our golf carts please give us a call at (949) 689-7859 or email us at lsvcarts@gmail.com or visit our website www.lsvcarts.com

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Top Of Line Custom Airbrushing for your Golf Cart Motorcycle Helmet RV ATV Custom Airbrush Air Brush

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How to buy a Used Golf Cart

You've been purchasing a golfing buggy. After all it would certainly be useful on the course and perhaps even in the camping. And there are symptoms everywhere examining "Gold Golf trolleys For Purchase." Here's what you need to know before you buy.

Buying a golfing buggy doesn't have to price you a bundle. Every several decades programs update their established golfing buggy fast so there is a stable provide of used trolleys returning onto the industry.

There are two different kinds of used golfing trolleys. A renovated island has been taken into a supplier and cleansed and scrutinized. It will have had any fixes it needs and in some situations it may have had a comprehensive change. These trolleys usually come with manufacturer's warranty that varies anywhere from 30 days to a 12 months. Awesome element of mind.

The other type of used island is "as is" indicating it hasn't been scrutinized or tested and what you see is what you get so be sure to take it for a try. Actually you might consider having a auto technician or technical come on world to have a look at it.

When it comes right down to it there really isn't a lot that can go incorrect with these trolleys. Have a look at the wheels for indication of dress in or verifying. Have a look at the quality of the power. Probably the most thing to await as your power can price you a reasonable bit of money should you need to change them. Batteries can quickly be tested.

You can discover a used island for anywhere from $1000 to around the $3500 variety based on dimension, power, and other alternatives. New trolleys start at $4500 and go up from there. So there are great cost savings to be discovered with a used island.

There are different kinds of golfing trolleys and application trolleys that you can buy. A normal golfing buggy supports 2 to 4 people and features personal use automobiles that are also used for getting around a community or RV playground. There are different choices available.

Generally these trolleys are not road lawful however there are some designs that are. Have a look at with your regional DMV to discover out what is necessary for a island to be lawful. In common you will need a window, chair devices, braking system signals, front signals, convert indicators, showcases, and braking system and your golfing buggy is prohibited to go more than 35mph.

Many areas that are working to become more green actually motivate the use of golfing trolleys as the major setting of transport.

For decades golfing trolleys have been used by groundskeepers to switch around the argument. These days there are particular application automobiles that are developed to help them do their projects better. They have bigger applications, better revocation, knobby wheels, and are able to have bigger plenty. These are widely used in developing flowers and plants as well to take components and resources from one area to the next.

So the next time you see a indication that says "Golf Golf trolleys For Purchase," why not check it out? Who knows the best island for you might be just around the corner?

Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha golf carts; are an easy and affordable vehicle for on-the-green transportation for yourself, your accessories, and other passengers as well. Whether the preference is for an electric or gas-powered cart, Yamaha is the brand of craftsmanship that can qualify as a true work, and with many various models to offer many things to many people. From rugged games of golf to even light, fun motor vehicles for transport through large tracts of land.

Aiming for the best of your desired needs for quality seems fully realized with the definition Yamaha puts to their work here. From maintenance cost to the very task of maintaining the cart itself, these golf carts are built with the intent to be solid and durable, lasting many games to come. Some of the recent examples of this precision are the G-MAX series of carts. Let's get further into this example of the Yamaha ideology at work.

Particularly, the 48V electric model of cart, and then into a slight survey of the mechanical features unique to these carts shall be the center focus of this topical undertaking. The point designers wished to attend to first was efficiency on all varieties of terrain. Being able to manage the smooth stone-and-asphalt trails to naturally sloping and moderately defined grounds. A feature that clearly makes this possible is one of the most advanced motor control units in the industry today.

This particular motor control unit, the technologically advanced Genius system, allows for diagnostic customization to match the course. The G-MAX 48V also possesses a regenerative braking system that actually feeds energy back into the batteries, and controls speeds on downhill inclines in areas of specific character. A classic, elegant style permeates these vehicles, though, and they are manufactured in a variety of colors that facilitate the owners' passion for the game.

A reliable motor is a very important aspect to a golf cart. After all, if you're going to spend hard earned money on a new golf cart, you want it to be around for many years to come. Obviously, vehicles made from quality parts, are higher quality machines overall. Higher quality golf carts will, for example, last much longer than cheaply made golf carts.

Some of these discriminating flourishes include large armrests, spacious bag holder, the Ergo-shade molded canopy, removable cup holders, and the largest sweater basket in the industry. Other features of appropriate note are the suspension and steering, wraparound protection system, spike-resistant floor mat, flexible and durable body panels, and an easy grip steering wheel for surer handle on roaming the landscape. A definite purpose-driven rover elucidated by many uses.